Team record 1983-84

4th division Adams – 11th overall

80 35 40 5 286 295 75

In the playoffs …
Head Coach: Jacques Lemaire
Goalkeepers: Steve Penney (9-6) and Rick Wamsley (0-0)

A record below the .500 average for the first time since the 1950- 51. A rather difficult season for Canadians who will change head coach at the end of the season. Jacques Lemaire will replace Bob Berry. The 1983-84 season will mark Guy Lafleur’s final full season with the Canadiens.

Despite a difficult season, the Canadians will have exceptional playoffs. The team smashes in the first round the Boston Bruins who had 29 points higher in the standings.

The second round is like the revenge of 1982 with a win in 6 games over the Nordiques de Québec.

After 2 wins against the Islanders in the 3rd round all hopes are allowed. Unfortunately, the Canadians will lose in the next 4 games, allowing the New York team to reach the final for a fifth consecutive year. However, it will be the Oilers and their young captain Wayne Gretzky who will win the Stanley Cup in 1984.