Various Functions and use of Canada411

If you are moving to Canada with bits and pieces of information about the person you wish to meet, then do not worry. An entire database of Canada helps you in giving you the address or the phone number of any person you want to look for. You have to be ready with some information about the person. Canada411 is the database that will help you locate your friend or family’s phone number, address, and lot more.

Steps on how to find the address of a person using Canada411

  • Step 1– Go through the website for archives and library of Canada. You will be going through all data of the Canada residents. If you know the name of the person you are looking for, take the pain to type it out.
  • Step 2– Make sure you are searching for the name only in the Canada411 The search also allows you to go through a reverse lookup process. It is possible only if you know the person’s phone number.
  • Step 3– You can also avail for paid search known as detective search, which charges a minimal cost starting from $29.
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Steps on how to find the phone number of a person using Canada411

From the survey by the Canadian Government, 85% of Canadians use mobile phones for communication. If you seek to get in touch with someone, their phone number would be the most appropriate means.

  • Step 1– Soon after getting yourself a telephone connection in Canada, you get a provincial book which has all the numbers of the people who live in your province. They come free of cost and given to you by the telephone service person.
  • Step 2– If it doesn’t work, go for the online database, Canada411. In this online directory, you will find the phone numbers of almost all residents of Canada. ‘Fido and Bell,’ one of the largest service provider of telephones in Canada, also lists their customers’ detail in this online directory.
  • Step 3– In order to find the phone number, there is only one condition kept by the privacy regulation department of Canada. It is that you must know the first and last name of the person along with either the city name or postal code.

How do we start a reverse lookup on Canada411?

Using this service is really easy and very helpful to new visitors to Canada. This online database has only one purpose of helping you contact your friends and family in Canada.

  • Step 1– Visit the website first and then quickly fill up the caller’s information.
  • Step 2– When you check the bottom of the site, you will find a box which is prompting you to enter a number and click on find. It is the reverse lookup box in the website.
  • Step 3– After you have entered the number, click on ‘Find.’ The results page will give you the name of the caller along with the location. You will also get to know the full address of the person.

Canada 411 is possibly the most prominent online database because almost all telephone companies in Canada have collaborated with it to list nearly every citizen in the database. If you wish to know about someone then you have to be ready with some information about the person and rest is provided to you.