Steps to analyze the SEO of your site

SEO analysis of a site can define if improvements can be made. SEO is a technique in constant change, it is important to perform a regular check of the parameters that influence the SEO of your site.

Here are some tips for performing an SEO audit.

1. Check the location of the site on Google

Controlling the visibility of a site on Google is done through analysis tools. Some, like Positeo are free, others paying: SEMRush , Seeurank , Ranxplorer …

Another free option is the use of the Google Search Console , which allows you to have a view of the keywords in the site or the most referenced pages.

2. Check the optimization of your pages and contents

Start by controlling and optimizing each URL. Ideally, they should:

  • Being unique
  • Contain the keyword of the page
  • Do not contain any determinants: ex

Then, for each page, optimize your:

  • MetaDescription
  • title
  • Title: H1
  • Subtitle: H2, H3 …
Our advice
Do not focus only on keywords with a high search volume. Also work on the long tail by choosing less competitive keywords, but bringing greater visibility.

Finally, optimize your content by:

  • Inserting keywords
  • Structuring your text
  • Avoiding duplicate content
  • Updating your articles

3. Check inbound links

The number of inbound links is important for SEO of a site.

However, the quality of the links is just as important. In terms of netlinking, it is better to focus on the quality of the site that contains a link to one of your pages.

By analyzing the source of your links, you can define which links come from low authority sites and choose to delete them.

4. Optimize the browsing experience

The bounce rate is a factor that influences SEO. The higher it is, the more it sends Google the signal that the user is not satisfied with his visit to your site.

To limit these disappointments you can work on your images and your links.


Check their size so they do not slow down the loading of your pages. If so, compress them.

Be sure to optimize them by making them readable for Google, including using the <text> tag. The title of your image should contain the keyword related to your image and describe it well.

The links

A broken link can be frustrating for the user who can not access a page. In addition, it can impact the SEO of your site.

The complete SEO analysis tools allow you to control your links and identify broken links, among other things .

5. Create an internal mesh

Internal links are also very important for improving your SEO. To create a mesh between different pages, use referencing anchors.


SEO analysis is a long-term job.

In order for your site to be as efficient as possible, it is important to carry out audits on the referencing status of your site regularly. There are many SEO audit tools on the market. With their detailed reports, you can easily optimize your site to improve your ranking in the SERPs.