The Social Impact of Hockey in Canada and the Economic Impact of Hockey Season

Canadians have always claimed hockey as their game. Hockey season are the ones that the people of Canada look forward to. Apart from being the most demanding game of the nation, hockey has also contributed to the social and economic impacts of Canada. Along with a rich history, the game also has a social and economic point too.

Social Impacts

From the research statistics, it has been found out that people of Canada spend about 7 hours every week during the hockey season. Nation Hockey League is one of the most engaging sports among Canadians.

Value Addition has been a core social impact of hockey in Canada. The game of hockey is seen as a sport that adds value to the life of people in Canada. Most parents prefer to get their children professional training to be effective hockey players. Canadians believe that hockey teaches the value of teamwork, hard work, commitment, discipline, and fun. Due to so many values offered by the game, parents want their children to learn the importance of all these values through hockey.

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The health benefits that hockey offers is another social impact of the game. It is believed that people who play hockey are sure to remain physically fit and healthy. Along with the fun, the Canadians are favorable of hockey due to the many health benefits. This increases the involvement in the game more and more with the passing years.

The Economic Impact

The hockey season in Canada also has major impacts on the economy of the nation. Tourism in connection to hockey in Canada has contributed many revenues to the Canadian economy. The intercommunity, as well as international tourism, has contributed the major portion towards the economy of the nation. Other than tourism, the different clubs of the National Hockey League in Canada have also played a role in enhancing the economy of the nation.

Even the major hockey events have contributed to the economy of Canada. The corporate activities like marketing, sponsorships have also made significant contributions to the national economy of Canada.

Spectator related aspects like the tickets, parking, season passes, souvenirs, and other events have also helped in enhancing the economic conditions of Canada. The professional players and the coaches have even made important contributions to the growth of the national economy. All these show that the game of hockey has direct impacts on the economy of the nation.

With the growing impact of hockey on the social as well as the economic conditions of Canada, it is likely to retain its position. Being an active part of the game not only helps to stay fit or contribute to the economy but also teaches them life skills. The tourism during the National Hockey League of Canada accounts for the large apart of the economy of the nation. This shows the craze for the game worldwide. Hockey continues to occupy an important position in the life of Canadians. Starting from the kids to the old people, there is an equal level of passion and interest connected to hockey in Canada.