Since its founding in December 1909, The Canadian Hockey Club has been the most successful team in the history of the National Hockey League (NHL, formed in 1917). With its 24 Stanley Cup wins, the Montreal Canadiens represent the ultimate symbol of the sport of ice hockey. You will find on this site, several interesting statistics and highlights of the playoff team since the season 1979-80 until today. With the arrival of the teams from Hartford, Quebec City, Edmonton and Winnipeg in 1979, the Stanley Cup Playoffs went from 12 to 16 teams and without a first-round exemption to division champions. Good visit !

Card against the teams met in series since 1980 (numbered in number of series and not in number of matches):

Hartford Whalers (5-0) 
Boston Bruins (7-5) 
Quebec Nordics (3-2) 
Buffalo Saber (3-2) 
Pittsburgh Penguins (1-0) 
Los Angeles Kings (1-0)
Islanders of New York (1-1)
New York Rangers (1-1)
  Philadelphia Flyers (1-1)
Calgary Flames (1-1)
Edmonton Oilers (0-1)
North Stars Minnesota (0-1)
New Jersey Devils (0-1)
Tampa Bay Lightning (0-) 1)
Carolina Hurricanes (0-2)

In bold = winning record